What Are The Treatment Options For Genital Herpes?

Finding out that you have genital herpes is a scary situation to be in because there is no actual cure for this sexually-transmitted disease. Most forms of treatment for herpes involve using medication to suppress the existing or present symptoms. Take a look at some of the common forms of treatment for genital herpes that you should know if you have been diagnosed.  Intermittent Medication Treatment Herpes outbreaks are not usually constant.

Struggling To Strengthen Your Core? Follow These 2 Steps

If you've done everything in your power to strengthen your core but nothing works, don't quit just yet. Your core consists of several unique abdominal muscles. Pregnancy, weight gain, and even using the wrong posture can weaken your muscles. Although it might seem hard, you can strengthen your muscles. Follow the two steps below to improve your core now.  Perfect Your Posture If you tend to slouch when you sit, you could have weakened abdominal muscles.

Unique Uses For Botox You May Not Know About

When most people hear the word "Botox" they immediately think of someone getting Botox injections to get rid of those nagging fine lines and wrinkles that really show their age. However, Botox can do a lot more for a person than just help to alleviate the fine lines and wrinkles. In fact, some of the reasons some people use Botox can be downright surprising, as well as interesting. Here are a few of the other reasons one may turn to Botox that may really leave you surprised and looking at this product in a while other light:

Breast Augmentation Surgery: What to Expect and Tips for Recovery

Breast augmentation surgery is generally straightforward and uncomplicated. However, this does not mean it should be regarded lightly. Your doctor will give you instructions on how to prepare for the surgery and how to take care of yourself afterward. It is important to follow these instructions carefully. Here are a few things to expect during your recovery and some tips to make it a bit easier. Pain While the pain after breast augmentation surgery is not extreme, you will need to take some type of pain medication to be comfortable.

Consider These Details To Determine If You're A Suitable Liposuction Candidate

Anyone who is interested in getting liposuction will first attend a consultation appointment at his or her chosen cosmetic surgery clinic. While this appointment will allow you to gain a full understanding of this procedure, the doctor who speaks to you will always want to determine that you're a suitable candidate for liposuction. Part of this requires that you're in good physical health—in advance of such a procedure, the cosmetic surgeon may want your family doctor to advise that your health is good.

Tips For Patients Consider Breast Augmentations

Undergoing a breast augmentation can be a major decision for you to make. This makes it necessary to be as informed as possible about what should be expected from this procedure. If you are currently in the process of planning to undergo this procedure, there are several key points that you should keep in mind so that you get the best results possible while having a smooth surgery experience. Receive Consultations From Several Surgeons 

Are Transumbilical Breast Implants Right For You?

Transumbilical breast implants are gaining popularity, especially as more surgeons are trained in the techniques required to perform them. If you're interested in breast augmentation surgery and want to know more about this method, keep reading. This guide will help you to decide if transumbilical implants are right for you or not. Advantages There are some significant advantages to transumbilical breast implant surgeries that many patients enjoy. One of the biggest advantages is that patients who choose to have their implants this way don't have any scarring near or on the breast.

Three Sports, Three Injuries — And How PRP Therapy Can Get You Back In The Game

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is a form of treatment that many professional athletes use to recover from injuries — and lessen the risk of future ones. However, you don't need to have signed a multimillion dollar contract to benefit from PRP therapy. If you're an athlete, even at the high school, college, or casual level, you may occasionally end up with a nagging injury that limits your ability to compete. Visit your doctor for an assessment, and he or she may send you for PRP therapy, in which your own blood's platelets are injected at the site of the injury to help it heal.

Benefits Of Undergoing A Blepharoplasty Procedure

As they grow older, some people find that loose skin droops over their eyelids and down the sides of their eyes. That image of puffiness that you see below and above your eyes is caused by fatty deposits that collect in that area of your eyes. Blepharoplasty is an optional surgical procedure that can repair your eyelid condition and remove this associated puffiness of your eyes. What is Blepharoplasty All About?

Determining If You Need A Dermal Filler

Making a positive first impression is critical when it comes to advancing your career or forming new social contacts. As the body begins to age, many women feel that the skin on their face can lose its youthful glow, causing facial features to change. Investing in dermal fillers can be a simple and effective way to restore your appearance. Here are three signs that you should be watching for when trying to determine if it's time to get a dermal filler in the future:

The Benefits Of Eyebrow Threading Versus Waxing

Many women who have typically waxed their eyebrows are ditching the wax in favor of eyebrow threading. If you are considering having your eyebrows threaded, you may wonder what benefits this hair removal method has over waxing. Here are a few of the benefits of eyebrow threading versus waxing.  Lasts Longer Than Waxing One of the biggest benefits to eyebrow threading versus waxing is that eyebrow threading lasts longer. Eyebrow waxing only helps to remove the hair for about two weeks.

A Guide To Getting Liposuction Treatment

If you are looking to get some cosmetic work done to slim out some fatty areas, liposuction is a good way to handle it. There are a lot of doctors that can administer this liposuction treatment, which is why you need to research the procedure and start looking for professionals that can help you. In doing this, read below and use these tips so that you can be more aware of liposuction procedures and hire a surgeon that can assist you.

A Guide To Getting Stem Cell Therapy

When you need to be sure that you are taking full advantage of different health treatments that can be beneficial to you, be sure that you look into stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy is a form of treatment that has gotten a lot of traction in recent years due to its many benefits. To learn more about these benefits, what to expect from the treatment and how to find the best stem cell therapy, read on.

How To Maintain A Youthful Appearance And Prevent Some Signs Of Aging

Do you feel like you are starting to look a bit older? Although it is common to lose that youthful appearance as you start to get a bit older, you may not appreciate those signs of aging and would like to do something about it. While you cannot get any younger, there are plenty of things you can do to improve your appearance and hold on to that youthful appearance for as long as possible.

Mommy Makeover: 3 Ways to Get Your Breasts to Go Back to Normal After a Pregnancy

Becoming a mother can really transform your body. You might find your once tight stomach or perky breasts starting to sag indefinitely and stretch marks may appear on various areas. Instead of sitting idly by while being unhappy with your body, you can easily get a mommy makeover. Depending on the amount and type of surgeries you'll need, as well as the surgeon you're going to, a mommy makeover can cost you anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000.

5 Ways To Naturally Speed Up The Tattoo Removal Process

Removing a tattoo can take weeks or even years depending on the size and location of the tattoo. Waiting is an important part of the removal process, but there are multiple ways you can help speed up the process naturally. A lot of these options involve changes in your daily life, but it can help you move on from the tattoo that you want removed. Browse through the five methods and learn how to help aide the tattoo removal process.

Considering Gastric Bypass Surgery? What Are Some Alternatives?

If you're unhappy with your weight and attempts to reduce it through diet and exercise have been fruitless, you may have begun to look into alternatives such as gastric bypass surgery or a banding procedure. However, there is a new type of weight loss surgery available that may provide quicker results and more health benefits than the current array of gastrointestinal procedures. Read on to learn more about duodenal switch surgery and what makes it different from gastric bypass and other surgical weight loss procedures.

4 Ways To Make Your Facelift Last Longer

No one likes the appearance of wrinkles and sunken cheeks that are the results of aging. A facelift is an excellent solution to rejuvenate your look. The outcomes can endure for a long time but you will need to do your part to ensure that you maintain the results from your facelift. Here are some strategies to keep your facelift longer. Make Sure Your Lifestyle is Healthy Try to eat only naturally sourced and organic food.