Consider These Details To Determine If You're A Suitable Liposuction Candidate

Anyone who is interested in getting liposuction will first attend a consultation appointment at his or her chosen cosmetic surgery clinic. While this appointment will allow you to gain a full understanding of this procedure, the doctor who speaks to you will always want to determine that you're a suitable candidate for liposuction. Part of this requires that you're in good physical health—in advance of such a procedure, the cosmetic surgeon may want your family doctor to advise that your health is good. However, there are some other areas to think about, too.

Experience With Other Forms Of Weight Loss

Generally, a cosmetic surgeon will want to hear about your history with weight loss. While liposuction is an effective and healthy way to lose weight, doctors will recommend that it isn't your first choice. For example, some cosmetic surgeons will actually recommend that you attempt to lose some weight through traditional means—namely, lowering your intake of calories and increasing your physical exercise—before you turn to liposuction. Many people find that liposuction is a perfect solution for helping them lose the last few pounds to get to their weight loss goals.

Commitment To Keeping The Weight Off

Cosmetic surgeons want you to be happy with your results, and this means that you need to take ownership over avoiding weight gain. It's possible to gain weight after liposuction if you aren't careful, so the best candidates for this procedure are those who are committed to keeping their post-surgery bodies. In other words, you'll be asked to talk about how you plan to avoid weight gain, whether it's by changing your diet in healthier ways or fitting more activity into your daily routine.

Time To Recover

There's a recovery time involved in liposuction, and the exact amount of time that you'll need for recovery depends on several factors. For example, the more areas in your body that the surgeon targets for fat removal, the longer your recovery time will be. To assess whether you're a good candidate for liposuction, your cosmetic surgeon will ask you about your lifestyle, career, and other details that play a role in your recovery time, as well as give you a recovery time estimate based on the work that you want done. Rushing back to your daily routine too soon after liposuction can lead to some undesirable side effects, so being sure that you have enough time for recovery is critical.