Cosmetic Procedures That Serve Multiple Purposes

Many cosmetic procedures are performed solely to enhance the attractiveness of your face or other part of your body. However, there are some cosmetic procedures that do more than enhance your appearance. Here are some cosmetic procedures that your plastic surgeon may perform that may not only enhance your attractiveness but may also help improve your overall state of health.  


A blepharoplasty procedure is also known as an eye lift. During this procedure, your surgeon will remove excess eyelid skin and fat so that your eyes appear brighter and more open. Some people have extremely droopy eyelid skin, and while this is more common in older people who have diminished skin elasticity, it can occur in younger people as well. The sagging or droopy skin around your eyes can affect your vision, especially your peripheral vision.

Once the excess skin has been removed, your vision will no longer be obstructed and you will enjoy a more youthful appearance. The blepharoplasty procedure is an outpatient procedure that typically only requires local anesthesia. Following your procedure, you will be transported to the recovery room, where you will stay until your physician determines that your condition is stable. You will need to schedule a follow-up visit with your plastic surgeon for a checkup and to remove your stitches if they are not the dissolving type.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Another cosmetic procedure that can serve multiple purposes is breast reduction surgery. Some people with large pendulous breasts experience severe shoulder, back, and neck pain as a result of the excess weight of the breasts. Some people may also experience trouble breathing. In addition, people with large breasts may be more prone to developing candidiasis (yeast) infections under the breasts, which can cause redness, inflammation, pain, and itching.

After your procedure, your clothes may fit better, you may be happier with your appearance, and your self-confidence may increase. In addition, your back, shoulder, and neck pain may resolve and your risk for under-breast yeast infections may decrease. You will be required to undergo general anesthesia for your breast reduction surgery, and the procedure may last for a few hours or more.

If you would like to enhance your appearance and improve your overall state of general health, schedule a consultation appointment with a plastic surgeon to discuss your options. After discussing your medical history, performing an examination, and discussing your goals, your surgeon can develop a treatment plan to suit your individual needs.

Reach out to a plastic surgeon for more information.