What Are The Treatment Options For Genital Herpes?

Finding out that you have genital herpes is a scary situation to be in because there is no actual cure for this sexually-transmitted disease. Most forms of treatment for herpes involve using medication to suppress the existing or present symptoms. Take a look at some of the common forms of treatment for genital herpes that you should know if you have been diagnosed. 

Intermittent Medication Treatment

Herpes outbreaks are not usually constant. What that means is when your illness flares up, you will see more sores than usual. These flare-ups also mean you are more contagious to your sexual partners at this time. Taking an antiviral prescription medication when you first realize these flare-ups are starting can help shorten their duration and also may help lower the chances of you transmitting the disease to your partner. If you are given an antiviral intermittent medication by your doctor, you will be given medication to keep on hand to take as needed when you see your symptoms show up again. 

Long-Term Suppressive Medications

For people who have herpes, the flare-ups can be either intermittent in form or more consistent. If you have more consistent outbreaks, your doctor may recommend that you are placed on long-term antiviral medications that you take every day. Some people who have herpes that only involves intermittent outbreaks also prefer to take antiviral medications daily to prevent flare-ups altogether. Even though this form of treatment does not eliminate the disease, it can keep symptoms in check all the time, and it can also help lower your chances of transmitting the disease to a partner. 

Alternative Medical Treatment

Just like most other illnesses and diseases, there are alternative treatments for herpes. Most of the alternative treatments available are herbal-based, such as the use of an ointment containing propolis on herpes sores to encourage faster healing. There is also some indication that using a direct and highly precise laser, such as those used in certain cosmetic procedures, could help eliminate herpes virus cells in sores during an outbreak to encourage faster healing. 

Even though living with a herpes diagnosis is a scary thing, treatment can greatly improve your quality of life. May patients who do have to deal with herpes try various treatment methods, both general and alternative, until they find a combination of treatments that best control their symptoms. Talk to your doctor about any STD treatments you are curious about.