Plastic Surgery Can Tighten Your Neck And Make You Look Younger

If you're embarrassed about the appearance of your neck, you might be searching for cosmetic treatments or surgery that can help. Many people show age in their necks before their faces. Some develop a wattle at a younger age than others. Since everyone is different when it comes to the way the neck ages, there may not be a single cosmetic treatment that can help.

If you have an advanced wattle, surgery may be the only solution for tightening your neck. Here's an overview of having plastic surgery on your neck.

Your Doctor Assesses The Problem

Your genetics determine the way your neck ages, but lifestyle habits also play a role. You might have sagging skin, wrinkles, excess fat, or weak muscles. Plastic surgery on your neck might include removing fat, removing some skin, tightening your skin, and tightening muscles.

The two procedures are a neck lift that requires an incision near your earlobe and a neck tuck that needs an incision in your neck. In addition, your doctor may do a lower facelift at the same time to give you defined jowls.

You May Not Need General Anesthesia

You can discuss anesthesia options with your doctor. If you need a lot of work on your neck or if you want a facelift at the same time, your doctor might want you to have general anesthesia so you can sleep through the procedure. If you'll have a shorter type of plastic surgery, the doctor may suggest a local anesthetic with IV sedation.

You'll Need Time Off From Work

You may need to take several days off from work. Your doctor will let you know before your surgery what your expected recovery time will be depending on the type of procedure you have. It's a good idea to prepare your home so you'll be comfortable for the first few days you're recovering.

If you have kids, you'll need help managing them for a few days since your activities will be limited. You'll have swelling due to the surgery, so it will be difficult to notice improvements to your neck right away. The swelling goes away gradually, so you should expect to see the final results in a few months.

Results Should Last For Years

Plastic surgery on your neck can make you look younger and the effect can last for years. However, it won't slow the aging process. Your doctor may encourage you to start taking excellent care of your skin so you can slow the aging process as much as possible.

This might include using sunscreen, maintaining good posture so you don't always look down at a phone or screen, eating a nourishing diet, stopping smoking, and using quality skin care products. For more information on plastic surgery, contact a professional near you.