The Cosmetic Effects Of Testosterone Therapy In Men

As men age, many experience falling levels of testosterone. These levels can be corrected with testosterone therapy. Usually, however, men think of testosterone replacement therapy as a means of correcting systemic, functional problems, such as a lack of libido and energy. Indeed, testosterone replacement can correct these systemic effects of low testosterone. But it can also have positive cosmetic effects for men. Here's a look at some of the most prominent cosmetic effects of testosterone replacement therapy in men.

Increased Muscle Mass

Men with lower testosterone levels tend to lose muscle mass. If they go to the gym, work out, and try to build muscle, they will see diminishing returns. In other words, a man with low testosterone may find that he's working twice as hard as he used to in the gym, but seeing half the results he used to see. Testosterone replacement can help with this. Men who start taking testosterone find that they're able to put on muscle mass again, and with reasonable workouts and dietary changes. Within a few months, you should find that your muscle mass improves. Your body starts looking fuller and more toned again, with more prominent musculature.

Tighter Skin

There are many reasons why skin starts to become looser and saggy as men age. One of them is falling testosterone levels. When testosterone levels fall, the skin stops making as much collagen, and the lack of collagen means that skin starts to look saggy and sallow. Taking testosterone supplements won't restore your skin to the way it looked in your 20s, but it should help. Once you start taking testosterone supplements, your skin will start producing more collagen, and within months, your skin should appear less saggy. Filler injections and laser treatments can give you an extra little boost if needed.

Reduced Body Fat

Do you have pockets of fat in certain areas, such as around your abdomen or on your lower back? These pockets of fat can become really stubborn when your testosterone levels are low, refusing to budge even with diet and exercise. Supplementing with testosterone can help make your dieting more effective, allowing you to finally shed that unwanted fat. This can help you feel more confident in your body as you age.

Supplementing with testosterone is a good choice for many older men. Not only will it help keep your libido high, but it will also help with the cosmetic issues above.