Breast Augmentation Surgery: What to Expect and Tips for Recovery

Breast augmentation surgery is generally straightforward and uncomplicated. However, this does not mean it should be regarded lightly. Your doctor will give you instructions on how to prepare for the surgery and how to take care of yourself afterward. It is important to follow these instructions carefully. Here are a few things to expect during your recovery and some tips to make it a bit easier.


While the pain after breast augmentation surgery is not extreme, you will need to take some type of pain medication to be comfortable. You may not notice any pain until you raise your arms or attempt to lift or reach for something. Wearing button-up shirts during recovery will make it easier to get dressed and undressed. Over-the-counter pain medication should adequately ease your pain during the day and allow you to sleep comfortably at night. If it doesn't, you should contact your doctor and have them look at the incision to make sure nothing is wrong, especially if it's been more than a week since the surgery.


For the first couple of days after the surgery, you should avoid showering or bathing. You may give yourself a sponge bath, being careful to avoid the incision area. Follow your doctor's instructions on when to resume showering. You may want to carefully place a soft towel under your breasts to keep any water from reaching the incision. Change your bandages twice a day in order to keep them clean and avoid infection. After two weeks, you will be able to relax in a warm bath.  

Implant Settling

At first, your implants may appear to be too high in the breast, making your nipples point downward. This is normal, and they will settle within six weeks. Expect to feel some fullness and pressure on the incision marks as they settle. It is important to wear your surgery bra and compression bandages to help prevent them from pressing too much on the incision.

Of course, everyone responds to and recovers from breast augmentation surgery differently. In addition, the size of the implants, and whether they are placed under or over the muscle will make the recovery different. The important thing is to take things slowly at your own pace and stay as comfortable as possible. You will feel a bit better every day. If you do have any problems, make sure to contact your doctor immediately. It is better to be overly cautious than to risk infection.