The Benefits Of Eyebrow Threading Versus Waxing

Many women who have typically waxed their eyebrows are ditching the wax in favor of eyebrow threading. If you are considering having your eyebrows threaded, you may wonder what benefits this hair removal method has over waxing. Here are a few of the benefits of eyebrow threading versus waxing. 

Lasts Longer Than Waxing

One of the biggest benefits to eyebrow threading versus waxing is that eyebrow threading lasts longer. Eyebrow waxing only helps to remove the hair for about two weeks. After that time, you may find yourself plucking strays or needing to have your eyebrows waxed again. When you have eyebrow threading done, the hair stays gone for three to four weeks. This minimizes the frequency that you need to worry about having your eyebrows done. 

Perfect for Those With Sensitive Skin

Another benefit that eyebrow threading has over wax is that it is better for those with sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, waxing your eyebrows can leave your skin red, irritated, bleeding or can lead to a break out in the area the wax was applied. When your eyebrows are threaded, there are no waxes, chemicals or soap used.. This means that you will not have any kind of reaction, making this a great choice for those who have sensitive skin. 

You Can Get a Better Eyebrow Arch

The last benefit to eyebrow threading versus waxing is that you are able to get a better arch in the eyebrow with threading. When your eyebrows are waxed, the wax can only go so far into the arch of the eyebrow. If it goes too deep, more of the eyebrow can be taken off, giving you an over-plucked or uneven look. This is why your eyebrows are often plucked slightly after they are waxed--to remove the extra hair in the arch. Unfortunately, plucking, especially after waxing, can be painful and the results don't last. When you have your eyebrows threaded, the threader is able to grab hairs in the arch of the eyebrow, giving them more shape and a more defined arch. 

If you are considering getting your eyebrows threaded, rather than waxed, the eyebrow threading salon you pick can play a role in how satisfied you are with the outcome. Take the time to find a salon, like Threadolysis Brow Boutique, that is in a convenient location, offers fair prices and gives you the aesthetic look you are after with your eyebrows.