Areas Where Body Sculpting Creates The Most Dramatic Effects

Body sculpting is the removal or destruction of fat and the removal of excess skin to create a dramatic effect that weight loss alone will never achieve. If your goal this year is to completely change how your body looks, but you are fighting with loose skin and excess fat, body sculpting can help. Here are some areas where body sculpting will have the most dramatic effects. 


It does not matter who you are; most people deal with extra weight around their hips. You can use those outer thigh machines at the gym until you are blue in the face, but the results will never be quite as good as cosmetic sculpting. During this procedure, the extra fat stores over the hip bones are sucked out and extra flesh is skillfully removed (if necessary). The result is hips you can see and admire without an extra layer of fat hiding them. 

Sides of Chest and Underarms

Women often refer to these areas as their "side boobs." There is a lot of extra flesh located near and in the armpit areas and it is connected to the breast tissue one has on the front of one's chest. Sculpting these areas removes all of the fatty padding from this area, and a breast lift can really make a difference in the way your chest appears and looks in various garments. 


Let's face it; everyone has a little extra fat on the front of their stomachs. You could work to develop a six-pack for months, but if there is extra fat hiding the muscles, no one is going to see all of the hard work you put into your body. Sculpting this large area requires knowing where you can suck the fat from and how you can make the muscles really stand out after the sculpting is complete. If you also opt for a tummy tuck (i.e, abdominoplasty) along with the sculpting, you might get even better results. The choice is up to you. 


With the buttock region, body sculpting is a little different. You may get a little extra fat removed from the bottoms of the cheeks, but then most people choose to have the fat surgically reinserted in the fullest part of the cheeks or in the tops of the cheeks for more roundness. The result is a rounder, fuller bum that looks just how you want it to.