Consider One Of These Sternum Tattoo Designs

If you're planning to get a tattoo and you want it to appear on a part of your body that isn't always visible, you have a number of options. One placement to consider is your sternum, which is the area that runs vertically down the middle of your chest. Sternum tattoos are popular, giving you the versatility to choose a shirt that completely covers the ink or displays as much of it as you want to be visible. You can speak to a local tattoo artist to learn more about designs that work well as sternum tattoos, but here are three ideas to think about. 


A lot of people choose a flower theme for their sternum tattoos. There are many different ways that this plant life can appear on this part of your body. For example, if you like the look of a solitary rose, you might have the tattoo positioned so that the bloom is on the upper part of your sternum and the stem of the rose descends down the middle of your torso toward your navel. Alternatively, think about a design that incorporates several of your favorite flower types, which can be arranged to ascend up your sternum and even branch out to the left and right beneath your chest area.


Another popular sternum tattoo features a heart, which is appropriate because of how close this area is to your actual heart. Sternum heart tattoos can vary significantly. Some people have a cartoonish heart in this area, perhaps with the name of a significant other. Others have their tattoo artist create a rendering of what this organ actually looks like. Some heart sternum tattoos have a somber style, which may be relevant to you if you're mourning the loss of someone and feel as though your heart is broken. In this idea, the heart may look as though it's in pieces.


If you like the idea of a sternum tattoo that is beautiful but that doesn't have a specific meaning, an abstract design may be the way to go. Many tattoo artists excel at abstract pieces; your local shop can likely recommend one or more artists who have a knack for coming up with stylish abstract designs based on some suggestions from their clients. A piece that features a combination of curved lines, various shapes, and different dots can add style to this part of your body.

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