Learn More About Breast Lifts

There are many things that can contribute to the sagging, the changing shape, and the change of position of your breasts. Luckily, there is help available to help correct these issues. You can read more on things that can cause sagging and how a breast lift will help in this article. 

Things that can lead to sagging breasts

Age leads to sagging breasts — As women age, their breasts will lose their elasticity and this causes gravity to affect them, causing them to stretch and sag toward the floor. Full breasts that were once set high on the chest will become longer breasts that sit lower on the chest. Even smaller breasts will be affected and move downward with gravity. 

The wrong bras can lead to sagging — Women are told the importance of supportive bras, but they often choose not to believe bras can play such an important role in the future shape of their breasts, or they choose to save money and go with the more affordable bras that end up lacking proper support. Wearing the wrong bras for years can also contribute to the breasts sagging. 

Weight gain and weight loss can cause sagging — When a woman gains weight she will gain in her breasts along with everywhere else. This causes the skin to stretch. Then, when a woman loses weight she will lose it in her breasts as well. This will result in them looking as if they have become somewhat deflated, leaving them sagging. 

Breastfeeding can lead to sagging breasts — In the same way gaining and losing weight can cause sagging breasts, so can breastfeeding. The breasts will become engorged with milk and after you're done breastfeeding, they will go down in mass and can end up sagging.

Ways a breast lift can help with sagging breasts

A breast lift will include repositioning the nipples, so they set higher on the breasts which is something that will automatically help make the breasts appear perkier. However, the breast lift will also go further and excess skin will be removed which will result in the skin of the breasts being tighter. 

The breast tissue will also be lifted and repositioned to a higher to the proper pre-sagging location on the chest. In many cases, a breast lift will also include the addition of implants if the patient would like to achieve a specific size. The end results will be firmer, perkier, and all-around better looking and feeling breasts.

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