Ensuring a Quick Recovery after Cosmetic Procedures

5 Ways To Naturally Speed Up The Tattoo Removal Process

Removing a tattoo can take weeks or even years depending on the size and location of the tattoo. Waiting is an important part of the removal process, but there are multiple ways you can help speed up the process naturally. A lot of these options involve changes in your daily life, but it can help you move on from the tattoo that you want removed. Browse through the five methods and learn how to help aide the tattoo removal process. Increased Blood Flow When tattoos break down, your body will regenerate cells and carry the ink through your body until it is fully removed. The best way to help this process is increasing your blood flow. A healthy blood flow has many benefits, including the ability to break down the tattoo ink faster. Warm Baths & Showers: Hot water can help relax the muscles in your body and increase the blood flow. A daily relaxing bath is a good way to keep the blood flowing. Daily Exercise: One of the quickest ways to increase the blood flow is with a daily exercise regime. Running,  walking, or biking for 30 minutes a day will naturally help your blood flow. Massages: Massage the areas around the tattoo to help increase blood circulation. 15 to 20 minute daily massages around the tattoo are a good place to start. Reduced Alcohol Drinking alcohol can reduce your blood circulation. When choosing to drink multiple times a week, the alcohol levels will decrease the circulation and limit the progress of your tattoo removal. During the removal process, try to limit your alcohol consumption to one...

Considering Gastric Bypass Surgery? What Are Some Alternatives?

If you’re unhappy with your weight and attempts to reduce it through diet and exercise have been fruitless, you may have begun to look into alternatives such as gastric bypass surgery or a banding procedure. However, there is a new type of weight loss surgery available that may provide quicker results and more health benefits than the current array of gastrointestinal procedures. Read on to learn more about duodenal switch surgery and what makes it different from gastric bypass and other surgical weight loss procedures. What is duodenal switch surgery? This surgery is similar to gastric bypass surgery in that it involves the reduction of your stomach capacity and the bypassing of a portion of your small intestine. However, this operation is a bit more complex than traditional gastric bypass. In gastric bypass surgery, the surgeon will remove a portion of your stomach (usually the upper part), making the remaining stomach much smaller and less capable of handling large volumes of food. The surgeon will also “disconnect” the small intestine from the stomach, creating a new opening much lower in the small intestine and attaching it to the reduced-size stomach. This procedure bypasses most of the small intestine (which is responsible for absorbing nutrients and energy from the food you eat), which can reduce the amount of fat and calories your body absorbs from food. In duodenal switch surgery, the stomach size is reduced, and the small intestine is disconnected. However, then a portion of the intestine is used to create a “digestive loop,” which allows food to pass from your stomach to the lower portion of your small...

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